Here you can find some of my writings on achievement, business ethics, well-being, and meaning in life. Click on the themes in the submenu to read the abstracts of the corresponding papers.

Oxymoron: Taking Business Ethics Denial Seriously (Journal of Business Ethics Education)

publisher’s link      Open Access Classroom Version

Succeeding Competently:
Towards and Anti-Luck Condition for Achievement (Canadian Journal of Philosophy)

publisher’s link       Free PDF (Postprint)

Scales for Scope:
A New Solution to the Scope Problem for Pro-Attitude-Based Well-Being (Utilitas)

On Being Difficult:
Towards an Account of the Nature of Difficulty (PhilStudies)

publisher’s link      Free PDF (Postprint)

Professionalism, Agency, and Market Failures (Business Ethics Quarterly)

publisher’s link      Free PDF (Postprint)

Effort and Achievement (Utilitas)

publisher’s link      Free PDF (Postprint)

Shareholder Primacy and Deontology (Business and Society Review)

publisher’s link       Free PDF (Postprint)

Armchair versus Armchair:
Let’s Not Try to Guess the Social Value of Corporate Objectives (Business Ethics Journal Review)

publisher’s link (open access)

Source and Bearer:
Metz on the Pure Part-Life View of Meaning (Journal of Philosophy of Life)

publisher’s link (open access)

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