Some recent and upcoming attempts to spread the word…


University of Toronto – Toronto, Ontario (March)
‘Perfection and Success’


Society for Business Ethics – Chicago, Illinois (August)
‘Collateral Damage’

Society for Business Ethics – Chicago, Illinois (August)
‘Bounded Ethicality and Wide-Scope Obligations in Business’

Academy of Management – Chicago, Illinois (August)
‘Business Ethics Denial’

Canadian Philosophical Association – Montreal, Quebec (June)
‘Bounded Ethicality and Wide-Scope Obligations in Business’

American Philosophical Association – Chicago, Illinois (February)
‘It’s Not Easy to Win the Lottery’


European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, 4th Workshop on Business Ethics – Brussel, Belgium (November)
‘Bounded Ethicality and Wide-Scope Obligations in Business’

Society for Business Ethics – Atlanta, Georgia (August)
‘Skepticism about Business Ethics: A Typology’


Speculative Ethics Forum – New York City, New York (November)
‘Towards a Scalar Solution to the Scope-Problem for Pro-Attitude-Based Well-Being’

Philosophy of Management Conference – Oxford, UK (July)
‘The Epistemic Duties of Corporate Boards’ (with Chris MacDonald)

International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI 2016) – Toronto, Ontario (April)
‘Is Private Regulation a Burden on SME’s?’ (with Chris MacDonald)

American Philosophical Association, Author meets critics session for Gwen Bradford’s Achievement – San Francisco, California (March)
‘Some Notes on Difficulty’


Society for Business Ethics – Vancouver, British Columbia (August)
‘Between Professionalism and Agency’

Rocky Mountains Ethics Congress – Boulder, Colorado (August)
‘Well-Being and Pro-Attitudes’

Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association – Warwick, UK (July)
‘Well-Being and Pro-Attitudes’

First Annual conference of the Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy – Jerusalem, Israel (July)
‘Well-Being and Pro-Attitudes’

VI Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy – Braga, Portugal (June)
‘Well-Being and Pro-Attitudes’

Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics – Ottawa, Ontario (May)
‘Business Ethics: Why Bother?’

Israeli Philosophical Association – Ra’anana, Israel (February)
‘Well-Being and Pro-Attitudes’

Colloquium Series – Jerusalem, Israel (January)
‘Effort and Achievements’

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