I regularly teach two courses at the Ted Rogers School:

BUS 221 Business Decision Making (https://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2017-2018/courses/business/BUS/221/)

BUS 223 Ethics in Commerce (https://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2017-2018/courses/business/BUS/223/)

Every so often I go back to Germany to teach a compressed class (Blockseminar) in the Philosophy & Economics program at Universität Bayreuth (http://www.pe.uni-bayreuth.de/de/index.html). Specifically:

50323 Is Business Ethics Bullshit?

50126 The Market Failures Approach to Business Ethics (2017)

50056 Ethics of Climate Change (2012)

50045 What Makes a Life go Best? (2011)

While pursuing my PhD, I taught at all three campuses of the University of Toronto:

PHL B06 H3Y Business Ethics, University of Toronto Scarborough

PHL 370 Issues in Philosophy of Law, University of Toronto St. George (co-taught with http://www.kelinemmettphilosophy.com)

PHL 376 Topics in Moral Philosophy, University of Toronto Mississauga

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