BUS 223 Breakout Rooms

Breakout 1:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Go to the course website.
    1. go to “content”
    2. go to “cases”
    3. read “Child Labour in South Asia”
  3. Go to the course website.
    1. go to “content”
    2. go to “assignment instructions”
    3. open “Case Analysis Template”
    4. Answer question 2 (but identify only two issues) 
  4. Keep the case and the template at hand, you’ll need them again.

Breakout 2:

  1. Begin answering question 5: come up with two possible recommendations of how to address the issues identified in your answer to question 2. Select your preferred one.
  2. Answer question 4: describe the solution that you discussed but did not select as your recommendation.
  3. Answer question 5: describe your recommendation, explain how it addresses the issues, and why it is better than the alternative you described in answering question 4.

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